Bathe a Puppy in Six Easy Steps

Watching people bathing dogs in the TV and movies seems like they are having a fun-filled time for both owners and dogs. Unfortunately, this is not always what really happens in real life. Dogs don’t mind if they are dirty or if they are stinky. Usually, many owners are afraid to put up a fight if they want to bathe their dogs especially if dogs love to wrestle just to get as far away from their owners as possible. Worry no more because below are some tips on when and how to bathe a puppy at home to make the bathing experience much more friendly and enjoyable.

when and how to bathe a puppy
Tips on When and How to Bathe a Puppy

Tips on When and How to Bathe a Puppy

# 1. Associate bathing with a positive experience.

The first helpful tip on when and how to bathe a puppy is link first bathing to a positive experience. This means offering toys, treats, and affection to the puppy first to make him come to bath. Every time the puppy does this way, reward him. This way can be helpful especially when you’re still starting to bathe him. Start by getting him used to hop into a tub or the place where you can bathe them. Make sure that it is empty at first. Let your puppy spend some time there while you give him toys. The water should be warm. If you don’t get this training for the first time, try again until he gets it. Repeat and be consistent.

# 2. Start while he is young.

Bathing a dog when he is still a pup is one of the most recommended tips on when and how to bathe a puppy. If you own a pup, start bathing him right away. During this stage, the puppy will be less opposed to the bathing. When he is younger, he won’t have any negative associations towards it.

# 3. Make sure to protect his ears.

The third helpful tip on when and how to bathe a puppy is to protect his ears. Be careful not to let the water enter his ears during bath time. The experience will not only cause discomfort to them, but also will lead to health problems.

# 4. Use the right shampoo.

This is a crucial tip on when and how to bathe a puppy. Be careful in picking shampoo for your puppy because it might cause him skin allergy. You may want to use a mild soap that cleanses him without stripping essential oils from his body. However, it is still best to use shampoos recommended by vets.

when and how to bathe a puppy
Using the right shampoo can help prevent skin allergies.

# 5. Start from his neck down.

Starting from the neck is important in when and how to bathe a puppy. This is because you, as the owner, can not only keep your dog’s ears safe, but also his eyes and mouth. In cleaning you’re his face, you can use a clean damp cloth.

# 6. Dry your puppy.

This tip on when and how to bathe a puppy is one of the most neglected. The work doesn’t stop from washing him. Many owners forget to dry their dogs the right way. If you are use a dryer, make sure that the temperature doesn’t burn his skin. Observe the correct proximity of the dryer from his skin. You can dry your puppy by wrapping him in a damp towel that is more absorbent.

when and how to bathe a puppy
Make your pup’s bathing experience enjoyable.

In summary, the above list shows you helpful tips on when and how to bathe a puppy. Try to create positive and pleasant associations with the bath time. Calm yourself as well when you are bathing your pup. Bath time can be an opportunity for you and your dog to bond and share affection. So, be patient and consistent.

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Awww…this reminds me so much of the puppies I had back home – little Kiara who was my favorite!! Good times. Thanks for sharing these tips.


Your blog is so cute! Makes me want to have a puppy of my own. M


Nice one… I think I’ll try these steps on my first puppy 🐶