How to Train Your Pit Bull Puppy

Usually, pit bulls get a bad reputation. Little do we know that when pit bulls are well-bred, they become people-oriented and friendly companions. Unfortunately, many people hear stories about pit bulls in dogfights and attacks as well. This becomes one of the many reasons why it is essential for an owner to exert extra effort in training a pitbull. A well-trained pit bull can be a wonderful pet, and an ambassador for his breed that can show the world how loving he can be. Below, littlemisadvencha will show some tips on how to train your pit bull puppy.

Steps on How to Train Your Pit bull Puppy


Pit bulls tend to be more aggressive behavior compared to other dogs. To prevent this, early socialization plays an essential role. This is one of the most critical tips on how to train your pit bull puppy. You can do this by exposing your pit bull to other dogs in a variety of environments and rewarding him every time he meets a new dog and acts friendly. In this way, it encourages your pit bull to develop a positive attitude and association with other dogs. Try to do the same technique when it comes to socializing with people.


Another way on how to train your pit bull puppy is to conduct a house training. It is best and most comfortable for a trainer to house train pitbulls when they are still puppies. Take him out every one to two hours, and then, praise him. Try to avoid giving treats before you leave your house or before going to bed every night. Until your dog becomes fully house-trained, confine him in a crate when you cannot supervise him to discourage accidents and eliminate messes.

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Conducting a leash training is one way on how to train your pit bull puppy. How pleasant outings can be when your pit bull behaves on a leash! Begin this by taking him out for short walks. Walks can help calm if he is anxious to prevent behavioral problems. Give your pitbull a treat every time a dog walks close to you. Stop walking when he tries to pull away on the leash. This will teach him that pulling won’t get him what he wants and will slow down the walk.


Shaping your pitbull’s behavior is one of the critical elements when teaching him a new command. That is why this is one of the must-do things on how to train your pit bull puppy. Every time your pit bull does what you instruct, use the command and give him a treat. Take this for example: when your pit bull sits, say the word “sit,” and then give him a treat. Teach him to stay by telling him the word “stay,” and hold your hand up and back away slowly. If your dog stays for a few seconds, give him a treat. Remember not to call your dog for you to punish him. Always use the same words when you perform these commands.

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In this article, littlemisadvencha shows you a list of how to train your pitbull puppy. Pitbulls are energetic and are fun to teach. Many of them do well in obedience training and sports. These are great avenues to bond and have fun with your pitbull. Try not to forget to reinforce his good behavior while training. Find time to train your pitbull, and you will realize that you will have a happy and healthy member of your family who is an ambassador of this breed.

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