Cebu City Guide | Chinese Ngohiong: Food Trip

CITY GUIDE: You’ve never been to Cebu if you haven’t tried Ngohiong (Hokkien) best-paired with puso (hanging rice)!

We were curious about this resto being sought-after by a long line of people.

We were on our way to Carbon Market to buy vegetables when we passed by this branch named Chinese Ngohiong. I am staying here in Cebu for four years already, and when someone asks me where to buy the best Ngohiong in town, I’d point them to a particular Ngohiong stop in Mabolo, thinking they already serve the best, not thinking this Chinese Ngohiong branch exists. It was lunch time when we passed by, and my stomach was complaining already. I told April to give it a try. So, we did.

…and so, we joined the queue!

For those who do not know what is Ngohiong, it is a mixture of singkamas (jicama), ubod (bamboo shoots), onions, garlic, and the secret ingredient – Chinese powder. It is best-paired with their signature sauce, sweet-sour-spicy sauce giving some kick to the experience.

Here’s ngohiong, the relative of spring roll.

The food stop is not only limited to ngohiong. They also serve other cheap foods.


Do you know what’s the best part of our experience? It’s Anton.


I’m not sure if he really works there. I think he is just uhm…what do you call someone who is a singer and at the same time, a guitarist, who hops on restos to sing? Whatever it is, he serenades the audience with old country music songs. In return, people give him donations. He sang beautifully that hearing him sing makes you reflect in life. Hopefully, you can catch him there!


He was singing ‘The Leader of the Band’ this time. Thank you Anton for sharing your talent!

If you wish to have an affordable lunch, an afternoon snack, or just wanna try the best ngohiong in town, Chinese Ngohiong is a go-to!

LOCATION | CITY GUIDE: Back Entrance of Gaisano Main, Manalili Street, Colon



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  1. After reading your first paragraph, I was about to ask what Ngohiong when you mentioned it in your second paragraph. Looks yummy – a bit like the Chinese spring rolls I buy here.

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