Day Trip in Macau From Hong Kong: Must-See Sights

Macau is known for its lively hotels and casinos. That is why it was branded as the Las Vegas of Asia. However, if you are not into casinos, don’t worry because there is more to this great place, which is what we explored for a day. According to reviews, hotels in Macau are quite expensive and we already had booked our accommodations for the rest of the trip in Hong Kong, so we pushed the day trip in Macau. Besides, the day trip was already sufficient to experience the place since it is not that big!

Arriving at Hong Kong

We arrived at Hong Kong from Cebu around 9 in the morning. Afterwards, we went to our hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui to check in and drop our things. We had our lunch at an authentic Chinese restaurant nearby before we traveled to Macau.

day trip in macau

Take the Turbo Jet Ferry at China Ferry Terminal

From our hotel, we just walked towards the ferry terminal which is also situated in Kowloon. Lucky us! We bought our ticket from there at 400 HKD roundtrip (Php 2,642.00). We got a tip that if you book your tickets through Klook, you’ll get a discount. We’ll keep this in mind just in case we have the chance to go back.

Day trip in Macau: Places to See

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Macau was the European influence which was evidenced by the architecture of the structures. You can also see the Portuguese translations in the street signages. Macau is spectacular, and its beauty was revealed to us during this day tour.

day trip in macau

First Drop Off at Grand Lisboa

Upon arriving at Macau via the Turbo Jet, we rode a Grand Lisboa shuttle bus for free. The Grand Lisboa is offering a two-way shuttle service for free from the airport and ferry terminals. When you arrive at the drop-off spot, you will notice the tower that is in the shape of a golden lotus leaf.

day trip in macau
The Grand Lisboa

Largo de Senado (Senado Square)

From Grand Lisboa, we reached Senado Square by foot – thanks to Google Maps! Senado Square is a public plaza at the historic centre of Macau. The pavements of Senado Square are made up of these black and white stones which simulate waves.

day tour in macau littlemisadvencha
Dragon Dance

When we went there, we witnessed some artists performing dragon dance.

day tour in macau littlemisadvencha
Fountain at Senado Square

Fortaleza de Monte (Monte Fort)

From the Senado Square, we reached Monte Fort which is also near the Ruins of St. Paul. This place is similar to that of Intramuros and is one of the historic sites in Macau. You can also see canyons upon exit of the Museum of Macau. This will also give you a sight of the Old Macau.

day tour in macau
The Canyon at Monte Fort
day tour in macau
the sight of the Old Macau

Ruins of St. Paul

The next stop in our day trip in Macau was the Ruins of St. Paul. It is next to the Monte Fort and Macau Museum. Due to fire in the late 1500’s, what remain nowadays are the grand stairs made of stone and the front facade of the great church.

day tour in Macau
The Ruins of St. Paul

Walk down the stairs and you will find myriad of shops and carts selling street foods. A lot of them are also giving free taste from peanut candies to cookies. We tried eating fish balls, and my favorite was the curry fish ball!

day tour in macau

Parisian Macao

The Parisian Macao is a luxury hotel in Cotai which holds also the famous Macau’s version of Eiffel Tower in Paris. Aside from that, it also features water park, luxurious shopping mall and outdoor pool.

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao is the casino resort of Macau, and your trip won’t be completed without visiting this place. Believe it or not, it is one of the most expensive buildings in the whole world!

day tour in macau
day tour in macau
The Venetian Macau
inside the Venetian Macao

Back to Hong Kong

Luckily, we managed to go back to Hong Kong via last trip of Turbo Jet! From the Venetian Macao, we rode on a free shuttle service to Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal. We really did maximize our time in Macau. It was a total fun. My phone even recorded 27,300+ steps during this trip which was almost three times my daily target goal of 10,000 steps.

day trip in macau
Good bye, Macau!

Have you also been to Macau? Let littlemisadvencha know of your favorite place!

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