Iloilo City Guide | Delicious Brownies at JD Bakery Cafe

Cravings for Delicious Brownies at JD Bakery Cafe

It was the day of the week that I craved for brownies. If you are in Iloilo, look no more for great tasting yet affordable brownies. JD Bakery Cafe has been my go-to for pasalubong or gifts. The cafe serves a variety of meals, drinks and desserts. But, forget about the rest because I am obsessed with their brownies especially the revel bar. They are so delicious that they make me always go back. Their prices are decent and they do a beautiful job on their desserts, especially the brownies and cakes. The list goes on and on. So, just stop by and you’ll see.


The outside of the cafe is spacious and you will never run out of spot if you pay a visit. The problem I saw here was there is no enough parking space, so if you plan to go during rush hours, I suggest you better commute.


I wasn’t able to take pictures of the inside dining. Yeah, they have space for you if you wish to eat inside.


Choose your favorite!

Here’s many brownies to choose from!

ooops! That doesn’t stop there because here’s more.

and my favorite among them is REVEL BAR!

Actually, revel bar isn’t a brownie but a chewy bar type cookie loaded with fudgy filling. Its essential ingredient is oat and it contains a substantial amount of butter and sugar. So, brace yourself for an overloaded amount of sweets!

good for take-outs

This cafe has several branches all over the city. It even has a branch inside Iloilo airport. I already tried the braches in General Luna and SM City. Their goodies are surprisingly affordable, delicious and really worth your money. So, don’t miss out this place when you go to Iloilo.

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