Grab a Sure Winner Dinner at Balai Cafe Plus, Cebu

Located just a few feet away from the main A.S Fortuna Road in Mandaue, Cebu is a hidden gem. Last Friday night, my two office mates recommended this place for its roasted chicken. So, we had our dinner at Balai Cafe Plus. Obviously, its name came from the Visayan term “balay” which means home. At the end of a long day at work, of course, we all can’t wait to go home. However, a quick stay on this place also feels like it. It is one of those places that you won’t expect to be cozy at Friday night. We came there not just to dine, but to relax at the same time.

First Impressions

The place in itself was really an old home which they turned into restaurant/cafe. Their rustic and artistic fixtures are also a plus. The inside promises to be a cozy space.

However, while the sun is shining, you also want to head outside while surrounded by old trees and ferns in their own garden. You can also smell the aroma of roasted chicken.

Dinner at Balai Cafe Plus

Basically, the restaurant offers a variety of food items: from pasta, salads to rice meals. For our dinner at Balai Cafe Plus, we ordered their delicious roasted chicken paired with their signature curry rice. There is something in the roasted chicken which makes it burst with flavors. Aside from it, it comes with their homemade sauces: Sahara, Farooj Special, Spicy Garlic and Garlic. The spiciest is Sahara sauce. Since I don’t like spicy, I preferred the garlic (haha!).

Aside from this signature dish, we also ordered Pita which also comes with four side dips.

If you’re full but feel like grabbing some snacks, they also serve pastries…

What I noticed is that more than the outward appearance and food presentation, what make people lured to this place is the experience, itself. They have the good-tasting foods and the place offers an experience of being at home – your comfort zone. Imagine bringing your good old friends here and talk about anything under the sun. It’s a good bonding experience. For us, it is also a good fun shooting experience (haha).

Completing Dinner at Balai Cafe Plus

The best way to complete our dinner at Balai Cafe Plus is coffee. Here’s a single cup of white espresso for post-dinner session.

Not yet buying the idea of trying from seeing all of the above pictures? Better try them for yourself. The staff are also friendly. Operations run smoothly – no complaints. The next time you will be craving for a sure win chicken for lunch or dinner, head straight to Balai Cafe Plus. They are open from 11 AM to 10 PM daily.

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18 thoughts on “Grab a Sure Winner Dinner at Balai Cafe Plus, Cebu”

  1. This is a nice place to dine with family or just enjoy some relaxing coffee time with friends. The cafe looks really cozy and the food is fantastic!

  2. Balai Cafe Plus looks like a place to dine, for sure. As I was looking at the pictures, I was getting the sense of home and then I read your comment of ”place offers an experience of being at home.” I will have to try Balai Cafe Plus, next time I’m in the area. Looks to be a great recommendation.

    • you definitely nailed it. the resto was built for people who want to feel at home away from home. 🙂 If you have the chance, please do visit. their foods are awesome, too!

  3. Oh my goodness, this place looks beautiful! Although I’ve never been to Cebu before myself, I would love to make my way over in the near future. Thanks for sharing all of this! 🙂

  4. Wow, the place is so gorgeous and so are you guys..! And the foods are just so amazing.. 😘 Thanks for sharing..!

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