Griller’s Oyster House: Steamed and Baked Talaba (Serving 24/7)

If you ever happen to visit the City of Love, make sure that you do not miss to eat oysters or talaba. So, where did we eat baked and steamed oysters in Iloilo?  The place is Griller’s Oyster House – home of authentic Pinoy dishes and one of the must-go-to restos in the city. Griller’s Oyster House is located at Festive Walk. Megaworld Iloilo Business Park. They also have other branches around the city, but still, I prefer that in Megaworld because the ambiance brings you to a different place.

Griller's Oyster House
Griller’s Oyster House

Griller's Oyster House

Oysters are really cheap in Iloilo

A great reason why you should indulge in eating oysters especially if you are one hell of a lover is that here in Iloilo, oysters are sold at a very LOW price. A bucket of steamed talaba and a platter of baked talaba in Griller’s Oyster House would only cost you 88 pesos and 118 pesos, respectively. Compared to other parts of the county, specifically in Manila, a bucket of steamed oysters can raise up to 5 times higher!

Health Benefits of Eating Oysters

Do you know that oysters offer many health benefits? According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, oysters include very high levels of proteinvitamin B12vitamin Dcopperironmanganese, and selenium. They also contain high levels of niacinriboflavin, thiamin, vitamin Cphosphoruspotassium, and sodium. Finally, they are a huge source of beneficial cholesterolantioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and water. These elements make them an extremely healthy food that can boost your body’s overall function and health. Source: Organic Facts

Baked and Steamed Oysters at Griller’s Oyster House

Usually, oysters are served with the top shell already removed. However, there are also some places where people prefer to open their own oysters. This was not the first time I ate oysters. In Cebu, I have tried eating oysters using a malle to have the shells cracked open. In Iloilo, the oysters are served with shells on and they were already slightly cracked open. So, we no longer need any mallet or knife to eat. We just use our bare hands to fully remove the top shell.

Griller's Oyster House
A bucket of steamed oyster costs 88 pesos.
Griller's Oyster House
It’s now time to separate the meat!

Opening the oysters is a bit of an adventure because you are about to know whether you get a big one or not. Some oysters are difficult to open so you really need to work it up. Once you open it, the meat will be separated from the shell. Of course, you should prepare your dipping sauce! For us, we soak the steamed oysters in vinegar with chili. They taste better this way. Aside from the taste, the vinegar also help in killing off any bacteria that have survived the cooking.

Griller's Oyster House
Baked Oyster loaded milk, cheese and garlic!

We finished two buckets of steamed oysters and a platter of baked oysters. Oysters are low in calories and very rich in protein so eating these will really make you so full!

Griller's Oyster House
Oysters are also best paired with beer. The last time we visited here, Joegene also ordered dynamite lumpia!
Griller's Oyster House
…and some fish cake too! Dynamite lumpia, fish cake and some street foods are only available during weekends in Festive Walk, Megaworld Iloilo.

Ilonggos are so lucky to have the abundance of the popular oysters in their locality. This is one of the many reasons why you should try to go to the City of Love. Food trip, anyone?

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