Handuraw Pizza: Place for Pizza + Beer, Local Music and Arts

If you’d like to ask me to bring you to my favorite pizza place in Cebu, aside from Shakeys, Handuraw Pizza in Mango Square is definitely a go go! Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without its pair! Just like pairing bread with coffee, there is really something indescribable about the amazing combo of delicious thin crust pizza in Handuraw Pizza and frosty beer. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, an ideal pair of drink is always waiting to delight you!

Handuraw Pizza
Handuraw Pizza is found at the center of Cebu.

Handuraw Pizza is not only on its way to serve you the best thin crust pizza in Cebu. I’ve been here thrice already since last year. It is quite an old place (not that big) with art deco murals as you see in the pictures. Airconditioning is good. The lighting is warm and the place has pretty good sound system so people would really dig into the music. It has a front stage where local artists normally play. Pizza + beer combo is already great, but if paired with good music in the background, what more could you still ask?

Handuraw Pizza


While the oven is still heating up for our pizza, we started with our beer. Enjoying the cheers while talking about here and there.

Handuraw Pizza

We ordered their best-selling Handuraw Pizza. Although it is a bit peppery and the crust is slightly flaky and crispy, the pizza itself is its own beast. It is flavorful and not too much cheezy. The other Filipino foods served were similarly delicious. The staff were also attentive. The next time I go back here, I want to try other foods from the menu.

Handuraw Pizza

Offering delicious food in Cebu, Handuraw Pizza also hosts amazing live music events with talented local artists! Below is their schedule of events for this month of January, 2019.

Overall, Handuraw Pizza is a restaurant, art gallery and music venue in one package. This is a place I will recommend to my friends going to Cebu.

Address: Mango Square Mall, G/F, Juana Osmeña St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 511 2825

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