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Two month-break is quite long.  It’s funny because in this article, I will be talking about commitment, and you might ask, “Are you really committed to blogging?” My answer is yes (not just that evident). Oops! Let me explain. Coz if I weren’t, this will not exist. This blog could have just died two months ago just like his feelings for you.

Okay, let’s start talking about commitment – in general.

People (mostly my age) are pursuing a wide range of experiences: new adventures to hop on, foods to taste, and people to meet. As for myself in terms of career, I’d even want to become a vet. That means burying myself in school for another 6 years, not counting the board exam. I also even desired to be a physical therapist and a house wife with many kids that go along well so I don’t burn out. I certainly want to have my own business, as well. Too many, right? Nowadays, the desire to try everything is even magnified by what we see in social media. The desire is really limitless.

However, the older a person gets, the more experienced he becomes. What does that mean? Each new experience will significantly affect him less compared to when he was younger. The first time I moved from my hometown to Cebu was very exciting. That was four years ago. The second and third times were fun. But, the nth time felt just like a normal day.

The sum of these things we experience has the ability to open up ourselves to COMMITMENT. We need to go out there and experience almost everything for us to discover what seems worth investing our time, ourselves in. Remember that treasure is never found in the shallows. It is always buried in depth. When we stay committed to a thing we chose, we go deep to dig that treasure up. (You will get tired, but make sure you don’t complain while digging! 😊) This is true in all aspects of our lives – be it in our career, lifestyle, and relationships.

A lot of definitions for freedom is available. One is not being distracted by unnecessary things in life. Most of these things give us the highest form of pleasure, but unimportant and foolish. This kind of freedom is given by commitment. It hones our focus to what truly matters. This results to us achieving a different level of success than you would if you do the otherwise.

“Humans are trained to think the more, the better. But, too much choices can prevent effective decision-making, and can cause usability issues. More is not always better. Actually, we are often happier with less.” – Anonymous

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