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My great love for coffee extends back to when I was still in high school, but I remember pieces of memories when I would sneak a sip of my Mama’s here and there when I was younger. This love for coffee has developed over the years. I can still remember my favorite back then was instant coffee (Nescafe 3-in-1 Original) which you can buy from sari-sari stores until now. To tell you honestly, until now, it is more than just a beverage to me. I have here some confessions which I love to talk with you over a cup of coffee. So, grab one now!

# 7 I like it lukewarm, not too hot and not too cold.

I want to be served with hot coffee, but I don’t like to consume it immediately. If life gives me coffee that is too hot, I will surely find the best way to cool it first.

# 6 It takes me five hours MAX to finish a cup of coffee.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? I don’t like the feeling of the cup almost finished. Friends who really know me know this. No no no. When it comes to coffee, I am real selfish.

# 5 I like it black, strong and sweet.

I feel like everyone else’s coffee is too sweet for me. I don’t like I also believe that black coffee is healthier. I add a little sugar to it. When you have your coffee black, you will surely taste its flavor, and when you do, there is no turning back.

# 4 I get headaches if I can’t drink coffee in a day.

According to studies, caffeine constricts your blood vessels in the brain. When you get accustomed to caffeine, it increases blood flow and triggers headaches. This is the reason why caffeine withdrawal gives me headaches.

# 3 Drinking a cup of coffee makes me poop afterward.

Correct. Shortly after the first cup of coffee during the day, nature calls. The good thing is after a couple of cups that same day, the poop-producing ingredients in the coffee no longer send me running to the bathroom. That would be a big problem if they still do.

# 2 That kick from my coffee is really worth it.

I know when the caffeine starts to kick in, there is no more turning back to how amazing things are going to be that day. Coffee saves my soul at work or school.

# 1 As I mature, so does my taste in coffee.

Now, I don’t think the coffee I liked years ago is better than brewing coffee beans. So far, my favorites are native coffee and that made from Arabica beans.

Averagely, I can drink three to five cups a day. For comfort and relief, I turn to coffee. I will never get disappointed. 😊

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  1. I am gonna have to agree with almost every point hehe! Even though I try to only have one cup of coffee in the morning, I so crave coffee during the day!

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