Give a Book to a Friend and Give a Piece of Your Heart

Not everyone is a fan of reading books. For my friends, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true for some people. That is why somehow, it is making sense that there are people who are not excited if they receive a book. For some, it is like folding your laundry or fixing a bed. However, some would say that if you give a book to a friend, you give a piece of your heart. For those bookworms, gifting and receiving a book means a lot because the gift itself is what we genuinely like. Recently, I received a gift.

Give a Book to a Friend

Give a book to a friend, and you will help him/her be a better version of himself/herself. It’s not just about giving a piece of your heart. In my case, I received this book from a dear friend, and what I truly love about this gift is it helps me materialize to become reflective at the start of my day at work. It actually helps me to humble myself, to be productive and to better the future me.

Reading can actually have many benefits -it makes us live longer and it also helps reduce our problems. To give a book to a friend also makes you better, too. haha. If you are someone who likes to read, go ahead and read! Most especially, help others be better through giving a book. Be friendly!

The act of reading actually transforms us into better friends and better individuals. The act itself encourages us to develop in particular ways after personal reading experiences. That is why this is an appreciation post to my friend who gave me this wonderful gift. More importantly, taking the time to reflect daily is one of the ways to strengthen learning and continue to grow as an individual. Thank you for making the gift about me. 🙂

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