Rescue of Dog Dying From Mange as Early Birthday Gift

Happy Saturday to you! I hope that this post finds you in good health, enjoying your life and living it to the fullest. I am writing this post a day before my birthday. The words here are fueled with overwhelming gratitude because of this early birthday gift. I woke up very early today, fed the cats, cleaned the room, did my laundry and took Gideon for a bath. But, who is Gideon?

rescue of dog dying from mange
October 7, 2018 (Gideon, bathed in machine oil)

The first time we met…

Morning of October 7, 2018, a call woke me up. It was Megumi’s voice – a terrified voice. She told me she found a dog near our place bathed in asphalt. For sure, you know what asphalt is and how dangerous it is when it touches your skin. How much more if a dog swam into it? So, I told April about it and we got up immediately to find this dog. When we found him, he was not in pain. Actually, he could walk! So, we tried to follow him and found out he had an owner. The asphalt we thought that was all over him was actually motor oil.

I tried to Google it up and found out that some misinformed owners with little to no knowledge about dog care actually use this oil to treat mange in their dogs. Looking back, I had no idea that this dog was the same dog we rescued. He was actually suffering from mange since then, skinny with no fur at all. He endured a lot and remained voiceless for such a long time.

Fast Forward to 2019…

I always walk going to SM almost everyday. The night of February 5, 2019, I was with Megumi and we’re heading home from SM when we found this dog again. My heart broke into pieces out of helplessness. That time, I was thinking if I only have my own home here, I would definitely pick him up! How can people deprive this boy with little kindness?

rescue of dog dying from mange
Gideon couldn’t even walk himself properly.

The second time we met – he was starving and it felt like he had given up on the world. He really looked like a pile of rocks from a distance, only that he was moving. His body was so skinny and people there sometimes saw him curling himself up in a ball like he was trying to hide. Mange covered his body and he was completely hairless. A picture of defeat – that was him.

Rescue of Dog Dying From Mange

That night I promised myself to bring food all the time just in case I see him once again. However, the timing wasn’t always perfect not until February 18.

Rescue of Dog Dying From Mange
We met again the morning of February 18.

This was the only time I realized he was the same dog we found covered in motor oil. He was so miserable but he still had the appetite. He never lost his hope – and so did I. I asked a few people of his whereabouts every morning, and they told me that they always saw him there. So, I decided to come at the same spot every morning just so he can eat.

There were days he looked so exhausted, but I never gave up. The feeding continued for 1 week. The first day of feeding was also the time of administering his medicine. This can really be painful in the pocket but the transformation I know for sure will be worth it in time.

This tablet is available in any animal hospital or pet shop. One tablet costs around 500 pesos. Really effective and fast results!

He got used to the routine and would always show up for feeding. I no longer found it hard to look for him. It was hard to see the results of the meds after a week. What this dog needed was a close monitoring to gain back his good state. So, something must be done. I tried to reach out to Miss Penelope of Cats and Dogs Matter if she could lend us a cage to contain the dog. But, that wouldn’t be possible without the permission of our landlord. Thank God! Our landlord was with us to save him. He allowed us to foster the dog. With the help of PAWSsion Project, the cage was delivered right after that day. I was so happy.

Rescue of Dog Dying From Mange

The day came when we finally rescued Gideon with the help of my friends: April, Megumi and Prince. Thanks to you beautiful people! We immediately brought Gideon to the vet and guess what? He tested negative of parasites! That only meant he was now free of mange. We were so happy hearing this news! He’s recovering…

When we brought Gideon home, we tried to give him the love and affection that he was deprived for all these years. The sad part was that he became so cut off from people that he did not know what affection is. There were times he got so confused with the contact but he was never aggressive. He just didn’t care, but we never gave up…

The day he wagged his tail for the first time…

Yes! For the first time, he wagged his tail. That was days after the rescue. We were so happy. He is now responding when we call him. In no time, he will be handsome and active again. Today is his first time to take a bath. He was so gentle and just let us did our thing. I think he already got the idea that he is in good hands. Next week, we will speed his recovery up by giving him Madre de Cacao shampoo and ointment. We are very much hopeful to remove that sadness from you Gideon, inside and out.

rescue of a dog dying from mange
Gideon waiting for bath time!

Gideon, if only you could read this, please know that you are one of the best birthday gifts ever! I love you.

Gideon may not be fully well now, but sooner, he will be covered again with fur and become healthy once again. With the love of people around him, his story will be a story from despair to delight. If you are one with us, please support our life-saving street animals rescues. Always choose to be kind.

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  1. From hopelessnes and now filled with hope. I also hope such kindness will spread and encourage more to not turn a blind eye on these street dogs humans failed.

    Please continue to update us his story. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  2. We’re honored to play a small part of his transformation… We may take short breaks from the work of rescue when things get overwhelming but may we never give up. Their lives matter.

    More power and much love to Gideon! β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

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