Why Self-Awareness is the Most Undervalued Character Trait

Hello! It’s nice to have you here in this post. Lately, I thirst for new learning, something that I can apply in my day-to-day activities. Of course, it’s inarguable that you can get wisdom from reading books. I recently bought a book entitled “No Limitsby John Maxwell. This book is all about leadership and how one can take on the capacity challenge. That’s the word, capacity. Each one of us has a set of capacities. However, most think that these capacities have limitations, and that our actions are bounded by these limitations. It is simply not true. How do we know that we can still exceed the limits? Simple – that is by knowing thyself. However, many don’t realize it. That is why self-awareness is the most undervalued character trait.

Why Self-Awareness is the Most Undervalued Character Trait

Knowing ourselves for who we really are, what we are made of and what we are capable of becoming is really rare. It saddens those who are self-aware that one can’t achieve his maximum potentials just because of one thing: he doesn’t know himself.

Why Self-Awareness is the Most Undervalued Character Trait littlemisadvencha

Becoming Self-Aware is NOT Accidental

It may be true that people usually want to achieve something without putting too much work on it simply because we don’t want inconvenience. However, this is not the case for developing self-awareness. We need to push ourselves to the limits, and exceed them. In order for us to start discovering ourselves, it must start first with the desire, and of course, one must have that level of maturity to ask for other people’s help to really know who and what we really are.

We need the help of others

Do you believe that other people see us clearly than we see ourselves? Sometimes, I got shocked when people tell me this and that whether good or bad without me realizing them all by myself. The way we treat other people says a lot about us. That is why we need the help of others to fully understand ourselves. Who are we?

According to the bible, Jesus taught us that we must do unto others what we want them to do to unto us. Everywhere that Jesus went, he was doing good constantly. He healed those who are sick and even raised those who are dead. Jesus also gave hope to the hopeless and brought meaning to life.

However, in our world today, it is very ideal that when you do good to someone, he/she will return the same. That doesn’t happen all the time. But, what I realized is that how fulfilling it is to give to someone you know who can’t repay you. Why? It just shows that whether you’d be rewarded or not, you still choose to the right thing. Just like what I’ve said, it says a lot about you.

Fight the inertia

Yes. I’m talking about Newton’s third law of motion, and that is for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we just let things flow all by themselves, they will deteriorate in time. There is a natural downward force in each one of us that threatens us to stop from knowing ourselves, from taking that capacity challenge. If we don’t fight this inertia, we would be complacent and unproductive. In short, we never reach our potentials. Thus, we have to fight this inertia!

Remove the caps of your capacities

Again, our capacities are not limitations. This belief gives a reason why self-awareness is the most undervalued character trait Once we discover ourselves and know what we are good and bad at, we can always change these by increasing our capacities. The caps which hold us back from exceeding our limits should be removed. If we want to reach our dreams in life, we realize eventually when we are already there that we went beyond what seemed to be our limitations. Have you experienced something like this? If yes, good for you! I just leave it here: the world can’t measure our potentials. May that be enough reason for you to start knowing yourself today!

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