Coffee Project Iloilo

Coffee Project Iloilo: A Look Inside

Driving along Oton in Iloilo, you can’t miss this newly opened Coffee Project Iloilo branch in Vista Mall. The coffee shop was beautifully made which makes you think that owners really invested time and effort to create this adorable place.

Coffee Project Iloilo
Welcome to Coffee Project Iloilo!


“Wow!” That was my first word upon seeing this shop for the first time. Elegant interior with blasting classic instrumentals in the background plus the immediate recognizable smell of coffee complete the first impression. There is a small army of baristas, all uniformed in black shirts with the coffee shop logo and wearing a black cap, in the bar making drinks and meals for quickly growing people of all classes. Coffee Project Iloilo may be far away from the city proper, but being a coffee lover, all this coffee shop has to offer will leave you no excuse.

Coffee Project Iloilo
The bar of Coffee Project Iloilo.

Coffee Project Iloilo Baristas
Coffee Project Iloilo Baristas


According to its own site, Coffee Project Iloilo is not just your ordinary cafe. Why? Aside from the food and drinks they offer, one of the highlights of the shop is its exceptional interiors. Thus, it has been tagged as the country’s growing “Instagram-able” coffee shop. Of course, you want proof! Here they are:

The inside will give you a home-y vibe which makes you think you are in a garden cafe due to combined flower and greens decorations. You can also find coffee-related quotes in the tables, walls, racks, and even trash can. Yes, in the trash can! I was amused upon seeing this. The owners really put an effort in making every customer’s visit extraordinary and worthy.

Coffee Project Iloilo Trash Can
How cute this trash can is – a reminder of your bitter (like coffee) past! 🙂

Coffee Project Iloilo
Coffee makes me smile!

Coffee Project Iloilo
Books you might wanna read.

I love how the coffee shop’s well sectioned spaces. Whether you go in groups, in pairs or all by yourself, they definitely have perfect spots for you!

Coffee Project Iloilo
This section here is made for bigger groups. You can also have your reservations.


You may notice that some coffee bags you see brag about their coffee is made up of 100% Arabica beans. Trivia: Two of the most common coffee species produced and sold are Arabica and Robusta. They are both high quality coffee species. Another trivia: Coffee Project Iloilo’s signature blend is made up of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta. How is that good? Arabica tastes better than Robusta. So, having more content of this makes the coffee better. Also, Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica. That supports why Robusta is much more bitter than Arabica. Ohh. How I love the combination of this: strong, flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee!

Cafe Americano in Coffee Project Iloilo
Cafe Americano in Coffee Project Iloilo

Cappuccino in Coffee Project Iloilo
Cappuccino in Coffee Project Iloilo

Coffee Project Iloilo
Think and Drink.


Don’t worry if you don’t drink coffee, but wanna try this cafe out because Coffee Project Iloilo also serves variety of foods: pasta, rice meals and sandwiches. Two of their best-selling dishes are Beef Tapa (oops, no meat please!) and Sardine Pasta. We ordered cheese pizza (for me) and corned beef rice meal (for Joshua). During our visit, I ordered two cups. Yes, two cups: Cappuccino and Americano in Grande Size.

Coffee Project Iloilo
Cheezy Pizza + Cappuccino with my thesis proposal writing in the background (oops!)

Coffee Project Iloilo can also be your next workplace. You can study and do paper works in your laptop. They have outlets just in case your battery runs out. Every time your order, you are entitled of 2-hr free WIFI connection.

The Menu of Coffee Project Iloilo
The Menu of Coffee Project Iloilo

Although the location is not particularly accessible, Coffee Project Iloilo is a mandatory visit for any specialty coffee lover in the city. In both quality and scale, Coffee Project Iloilo offers a coffee experience like few others.

Know more about this coffee shop here.

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Nice article! Now I want a cup of coffee! 😀


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Wow, i love so much this place

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Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

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