I Planted a Tree and It Felt Like Coming Home Again

The end of the year is almost near, and I guess it’s good to start analyzing what I did the past months and what could still be done. Then, I realized one of the most rewarding things I did was to gift the environment a tree. Receiving a gift is one of the most wonderful feelings. Have you ever wondered what mother earth would feel when you gift her one? In this post, I’d like to share our experience on tree planting at Brgy. Bonbon, Cebu City. With the recent news about the cutting of South Cebu trees, activities like this one should really be pushed through. DPWH stands with its authority to cut tree within limits of a public road for public safety. Well, it’s really easy to cut a tree, but never to plant one. In response, I planted a tree, and it felt like home again.

i planted a tree littlemisadvencha

I think it’s great to emphasize and understand the math of planting trees. If trees were destined to grow up to become the floor in our house, the paper we write on, the tissue we use, then, will it hurt to plant one? After all it’s a piece-work. Each piece took a bit of me with every seedling planted.

That same night, rain poured. After the cost of that day and if the seedlings didn’t survive, it’s normal to feel frustrated about it. It will turn out that nature took the opportunity to tell us that the feeling is mutual. Sad, right?

I planted a tree, and it was beautiful…

This is not the first time I joined a tree planting activity. However, it’s my first experience here in Cebu. Thanks to my friend CA of cacreateattention.wordpress.com for inviting me. Last Sunday’s tree planting activity was organized by Chasing Summit, and it was attended by over a hundred people. We just found this one out through Facebook.


It’s surprising how complete strangers come together for a common goal. It was then that I realized there’s so much potential for activities like this to prosper. Many are willing to help. It’s only that we need more people who can initiate. In short, we need more leaders.

We met various groups of people. Some are couples looking for meaningful way to spend their Sunday, graduate students attending the activity in fulfillment of their subject’s requirements, company employees making sure their social responsibility is being acted upon, father-and-son thinking that planting a tree is a good way to bond, and plain us – all carrying willing spirits.

After all, it’s fun…

We met new friends. We encouraged each other to have fun. Digging a hole is never easy, but we made a way to add a little spice by challenging each other to finish digging first. Our hearts celebrate with every tree planted. We took pictures. It was memorable.

Luigi, a newfound friend! 🙂

Call for Action

If you are thinking of joining activities like this, technology makes it easier to reach out. In just a few clicks, you can find various initiating organizations which are also looking for volunteers like you and me. Facebook and other platforms are truly effective in getting invitations and messages across.

The man behind Chasing Summits

I’ll just make this short, justlike how it is to cut a tree. For the rest of us, the only way to keep thisrunning is to surrender to the experience.

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Thank you so much for coming with me on my very first tree-planting experience and for making it easier and more fun! Hope to do it with you again!


What an awesome thing! I have planted trees before, but not as a group. How cool!


I love this so much! We can always use more trees in the world. They’re the earth’s lungs.


This is just beautiful. People cut down trees all the time and think it’s no big deal. But it is. I love that you were able to be a part of this. I’ve participated in a few of these tree-planting events, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Subhashish Roy

I can see the happiness on your face and the excitement. It must be a great feeling giving back a little to mother earth.


I love this! We actually used to plant trees every year, when I was a kid. As soon as we buy our home, I’m going to make it a tradition with my kids as well.


It’s amazing how amazing the simple things can make you feel. I’m so glad you got to have that experience.


That is such a meaningful way to spend the day. I think we need some tree planting to help with our future ecosystem.

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

I love this. Good on you for planting a tree. We need more of this.

Emily Zielinski

what a great experience. I remember planting trees at school! I must revisit them one day

Ntensibe Edgar

Aaaahhhh…that is very nice to hear! Every single person needs to plant a tree or even water one…EVERYDAY of their life.


Oh I love this so much! If we all planted one tree, what a difference that would make!


This sounds like a really cool thing to do and a cool experience to have. I want to plant a tree now!


what a fabulous experience for you and yours to enjoy. giving back really seems to be a gift more to ourselves sometimes, no?

Shannon Gurnee

That sounds like it was an awesome experience for you. I would love to do this!

Melanie williams
Melanie williams

This is an amazing thing to do. We need more trees for sure, so go you xx

emman damian

This is such an awesome initiative! We should all plant some trees! Good for the environment!

Lyanna Soria

That’s amazing! I’d love to go tree planting someday and be part of something like this. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time there.


This is such a great idea! Definately keeping this in mind!


That is so awesome you planted a tree. You must feel so connected to the Earth.