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THAILAND | Things We Did at Khao San Road, Bangkok

I was browsing some pictures of our trip in Thailand, and I suddenly thought about the famous Khao San Road. So many things about Khao San Road are there for you to get a taste of. It is our routine that before we travel to any place, we first do a research of the what’s and how’s which I recommend to to all travelers and backpackers. A little surprise may do some spice, but to have knowledge of the place is still a must. So, here are a few things about the famous Khao San Road in Bangkok which has evolved to backpacker’s paradise over the years.



For me, the best thing about Khao San Road is its location. It is home of cheap and friendly accommodations/guest houses, and it is just walking distance to tourist attractions such as temples and monuments. Aside from that, it offers easy arrangements of day tours and bus accommodations to any place in Bangkok or nearby areas. We stayed at Khao San Holiday which we booked through

However, if you are the type who finds it hard to sleep with some noise, I won’t recommend staying at Khao San Road.  It gets really loud at night due to partying people. We just didn’t mind it because we could sleep anyway.


I love food and I travel for it. This is one thing that is amazing about Thailand. This was the very first time I tried authentic Pad Thai, and it was really delicious! Luckily in Khao San Road where we stayed, we found all sorts of authentic Thai foods from the restaurants to streets. As we walk along the area the next morning, we found a vendor in front of McDonald’s offering Thai food on the side street. We bought a plate of Pad Thai for 50 Baht.

There was a night market around the corner from our hotel. You can choose from a wide variety of food and go on food trip with your friends!

and there’s more…

and more foods…


What about some exotic foods? Dare to try some fried bugs, crickets, maggots and scorpions?


Don’t worry if you don’t like these foods. McDonald’s and Burger King are still at reach!


There is more to Khao San Road than parties and drinks. This place is real popular to tourists and even locals. You can watch them walking the streets, eating and partying at night. Also, do not forget to catch the monks as they walk out of the temples early in the morning. We caught them once when we were eating at Burger King.


So, take time to sit back and watch people as you arrive there, and soak yourself in Thailand’s most lively walkway.

In summary, despite its bad rap, you can always find interesting things about Khao San Road if you only know how to search. Again, this place is more than just parties and drinks. Thailand’s culture always stands out at the end of our trip. I definitely want to go back! 

Have you been to Khao San Road? What do you love about it? Share to me your experiences down below at the comment section.

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I stayed in Khao San Road as well when I went to Bangkok last year. I agree, the accommodation is very cheap. And the street foods are everywhere. I love the night life too..😊

The only downside is that Khao San is far from MRT. But still, I enjoyed my stay there. ☺


yes. did you party as well? and what is your favorite street food? 😊😊😊


Yeah, nag party-party din ako nung last night ko. But then I realized mas prefer ko na ang mga chill type lang. Sign of aging? Hahah..

I love their Banana Pancake, pati yung Paboon ba yun? Basta parang puto ang itsura nya. Sa food naman, gusto ko yung mga noodle soup nila pati na yung Tom Yum.

wanda bits

Thailand is definitely one of the countries to visit on my bucket list. I heard the food is good, though I am not sure I’d be brave enough to try maggots. :-O

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Bible Verse of the Day

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

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