What People Don’t See Behind Success is What Most People Are Afraid Of

Hello. Welcome back! It’s nice to have you here. Were you intrigued by the title? I guess. Just keep on reading and you will learn what is that element most people are afraid of. What people don’t see behind success is something you might not want to have on top of what you’re having right now.

What People Don’t See Behind Success

Have you ever encountered accomplishing something, and people will tell you these things, “I wish I had that chance” or “I wish I were you“? If yes, you probably can relate. Maybe, we also became those people at one point. In general, successful people are seen going through doors of opportunities and success. They are fearless. When opportunity knocks, they acknowledge it: create strategies and grab! If they win, they lead. If they lose, they learn.

What people only see are the results. What people don’t see behind success is the deep level of responsibility these successful people had to carry for that opportunity. I know a lot of people who are afraid of responsibilities, and they directly admit it. Fearing responsibilities can have a lot of causes: they lack courage, fear of failure, and/or hate inconvenience. Convenience makes people lazy in some ways. People who favor convenience all the time never really grow.

Choose to take charge

Let’s have some examples. I don’t have a child, but we have nine cats – all rescued. They teach us to be responsible: scoop their poops, feed them, clean the house – every single day. Far from being an athlete, I took the challenge of running half marathon. For a month, I trained and beat my own records. Right now, I’m far from having a big salary, but I managed my personal finance. I built my emergency funds, got my insurance, invest in stock market and earn extra in blogging. Everyone thinks that blogging is easy. Blogging has a steep learning curve at first. Only those who value consistency can survive.

what people don't see behind success
Choose to lead.

What I am saying is everything can be learned. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner. Just take control of what you have decided to start, then increase your responsibility capacity, and you will see opportunities start on pouring.

Don’t prefer quick results over hard work…

Dramatic results are only children of hard work. The way you manage your life and how responsible you are can be seen by your actions in a daily basis. Not just on things, but the way you handle people also speaks a lot about you. I know we can’t control everything. Who can? No one. But, you can control the things which you have control – yourself. It starts with the ability to acknowledge that you can choose. Then, identify the parts of your life which needs control. Once you are able to successfully do this, you will see changes in your life.

I hope that you get something. That’s actually the main point. Thanks for reading.

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It always amazes me what kind of topics you can think of writing about! Keep going and keep educating us. Good job! As they say: “lodi”!


This is so true. The hardest part about being successful is how scary the road to that success is. When you decided to make a change, it can be terrifying.

Paula Schuck

There’s a lot of truth to this content today. There is no get rich quick scheme ever in life. No substitute for hard work really, is there?


I love this so much. Success is the visible part of all the long work. long hours, and risk taking that we entrepreneurs do without any safety net.


Successful people really are fearless! I’m always afraid to start something of my own because I have no understanding on the business laws and what it requires, but they probably also didn’t and went forward anyway!

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

This is so true. There’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes that people don’t realise.


being disabled definitely makes seeing the future and having a vision a bit more difficult. thanks for the encouragement and suggestions.

Joy at The Joyous Living


I’ve always thought and said that anything can be learned, too! So I totally agree! Great points.

Ntensibe Edgar

Hehe….many of us never see the sweat, blood and tears but we only get to enjoy the good times and the success!

Summer Shores

This is so true! So often people tell me I’m “so lucky” to be where I am now when in reality it I worked my but off for it!


This is so true. So many people in my life always talk about blog work is a waste of time and they just don’t get the bigger picture. Behind any success no matter what is there is so much hard work that goes into it!

Steph S
Steph S

Hard work is behind success! There’s no easy way around it:) I enjoy hard work tho!

Erin Knight

This is such an educational post. Success does not come overnight or most people think of. It involves lots of hard work and sleepness nights and other things most people dont know about.

Emily Zielinski
Emily Zielinski

great topic, time to take charge 😀

katrina Kroeplin
katrina Kroeplin

great topic. people def don’t see how hard some people work for what they have. they only see what they got for their hard work.


I totally agree, good points well made!


Dramatic results are only children of hard work. how true is that people only see the tip of the iceberg deep down inside they don’t know how you build that Success with work and consistency. thank you for the good read 🙂

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